Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vidi Turbam Magnam

Ruth Laredo, my favorite Scriabin player.

Horszowski was 94 years old when he made that recording.

Ingrid Fliter, presently owns Chopin.

Maria Joao Pires, another great Chopin player.

And finally Horowitz. I heard him play once when I was in college. He did the "Funeral March" sonata by Chopin, some of his signature Rachmaninov, some Clementi, and several encores. That was probably the single greatest concert I have ever been to, out of hundreds and hundreds.


wunelle said...

I agree. Ms. Fliter is my new gold standard for Chopin. Such a lovely sound.

Horowitz is a miracle, plain and simple. Like Gould, his genius perhaps outshined many of the composers whose works he played. His tone is still recognizable and he was simply able to produce colors at the piano that nobody else can do.

I'm not sure how this is possible, but I guess that's why he's Horowitz and I'm J. Schmoe.

been there said...

You have great taste. Literally.