Friday, April 01, 2011

All the Lights Are On But the Blinds Are Down



One of the great pop bands from the past performing at the top of their game. Glenn, thinking fast on his feet, recovers instantly when he accidentally leap-frogs a line of lyrics (in the first verse he should have sung "the crew have abandoned ship" instead of "the little hand shakes its fist" which rightly belongs in the second verse.) I'd probably never have noticed without a few repeated listenings to the various live videos available.

They're still out and about. It would be fun to catch a show. I missed them the first time around in my halcyon college days, and now I certainly have a greater appreciation for their stuff.

I love the way the melodic phrases arch. Glenn's singing bobs and weaves.

So much rock/pop music today offers too little. Melodies, hookless, are hardly worth the name, chord changes are stale and unimaginative, mid-tempo rhythms lack drive, and lyrics are whiney and over-wrought with cosmetic sincerity. We need a "new" New Wave. STAT.

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