Sunday, April 10, 2011

Juniper Well Ranch, Skull Valley Arizona, April 9th 2011


Four-wheel drive. The trunk of the juniper tree in the background is over three feet in diameter, which makes it rather old.

Snow on the charcoal-ash can.

The driveway to the cabin.

Contreras Road, a dirt country lane. Four miles from pavement.

No television, no internet, woodstove heat, and maybe two radio stations if the wind is right. About twenty degrees Sunday morning, and a sunny seventy-ish when we got back to Phoenix. Arizona is weird that way. We started the day in the midst of late winter and we finished it in the sunny desert warmth.

The kids and the dogs loved it. I welcomed the time to take a break.

We had recently spent a week on Oahu. I think the best way to deal with the let-down of returning from a trip is to take another trip. So we did.

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