Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Community nurse rondo

She said "I was a nurse way back before you were born." Not to sound argumentative, I suggested that perhaps I was a little older than I looked, but that didn't change her story.

She was doing community nursing when she knocked on a client's door, and heard a sing-songy "Come on i-in" from within.

But nobody came to the door, so she knocked again and called out a "Hello? Anybody home?" and the same mellifluous "Come on i-in!" came back to her.

Again she knocked, frustrated that the voice had not opened the door to her, and again the refrain "Come on i-in!" Now she was really banging on the door. She had other appointments to meet that day. Finally the elder occupant came to the door and let her in.

The nurse asked why the client didn't come sooner, and they replied that they hadn't heard her there.

Then who was imploring her to enter?

The parrot.

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