Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Our current president apparently chose to look the other way as Bayoil and other firms paid Saddam millions of dollars in kickback, violating the so-called sanctions against his sordid regime. U.S. Navy ships in the Gulf stood down and let these tankers through. Nice, that. Money for Saddam's purse, and gas for your car. No food for Iraqi orphans, though.

Let us now take time to recall that Bush's grandfather got his bank taken away from him, as punishment for trading with the Nazis.

What is it with these people? Is it really so difficult to make a decent living honestly?

I am ashamed of this president and his malignant administration. But how many of my fellow Red-Staters maintain not only ignorant pride, but even jealousy of these greedy sickos? How many Circle-K-jerks would gladly jump the cash register to defy sanctions and trade with the enemy, for nothing but money, and how many of them also have friends or family serving in our back-stabbed military?

For that is what this boils down to: Every dollar made by any American company in defiance of those sanctions is a knife in the backs of our servicepeople, and a meal taken away from a child standing forsaken on the burnt sands of Araby.

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