Saturday, September 03, 2005

In Turbato Mare Irato Naufragatur Alma Pax

Of course the Bush administration was slow to respond to the great tragedy still unfolding in New Orleans and surrounding areas. They do not believe it is their charge to respond to such things. They do not believe that is what government is supposed to do.

They believe that government is supposed to make rich people even richer; that is, if those people happen to be Republicans. Sometimes incidentally some Hollywood liberal type will also benefit greatly from Bush governmental policies, but this is certainly not the hoped-for result and the usual right-wing radio screamers decry this on a regular basis.

Would you be taken aback in the least bit if tomorrow Bush were to say that the rebuilding of the Gulf coast would be done in a faith-based manner, free from government interference, and free from government money?

Probably not.

And the great so-called-liberal-media would then treat us to another round of memes and trendy adjectives and adverbs would abound, all supporting the great genius of such an abysmally bad idea.

Faith-based rescue efforts. Faith-based corpses piling up in hospital stairwells. Faith-based gangs of looters shooting it out with faith-based paramilitary private-sector sub-contractors. Faith-based levees. Oh. Right. We already had those in place, didn't we?

Those of us who had done a little reading about Bush before he ran for president knew this was coming. A lot of us tried to tell you just how awful this man would be for this country, like Molly Ivins for a good; no, excellent example. And we are still trying to get the word out. Steve Gilliard has said it better today than I can, even if he does hold back a little, so please click and read.

Things are bad, and many people are now beginning to see that Bush and his policies have a big part in this. Sadly, the worst is yet to come. Bush isn't done yet. There is more damage on the way.

In the turbulent wrath-torn sea goodly peace is wrecked.

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