Friday, September 23, 2005

Necessary Rumors

The Navy Times reports that members of Congress are considering cuts in healthcare services provided to members of the military, among other things such as cuts to CDC funding (brilliant,) to "offset" money to help pay for rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

Well, that's one way of looking at it. It's all spin, of course, because the real reason behind these cuts is to maintain the exhorbitant, unnecessary, and counter-productive tax cuts given to the richest one-percent of wealthiest people among us.

These tax cuts are also supported by the Chinese, who purchase U.S. debt. They loan us money which we use to buy cheap Chinese-made stuff, increasing their production to "bubble economy" levels of growth.

At one time, China's autarkic economy protected it from outside influence. But along with this week's figures on economic growth came another ominous big number. From once being nearly self-sufficient in oil, China is now the second biggest oil importer in the world - and is on the verge of needing massive coal imports as well. The China Bubble has expanded to a point where it will soon reach the sharp edges of infrastructural capacity and reckless over-investment to the point of over-production. That is when bubbles burst.


American companies may have forgotten what Henry Ford propounded when he first built his Model T: If you do not pay high enough wages to your workers, they can't afford to buy your product. One simple basis for that Bush boom is that China is recycling its US$100 billion-plus trade surplus with the US back into dollars, and especially into US Treasury bonds. Almost half of the US Treasury bonds are now owned in Asia. So China is financing Bush's bold economic experiment: running two or more wars simultaneously with a huge budget and trade deficit, and equally huge tax handouts for the richest Americans.

The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Meanwhile the perfect storms, both meteorlogical and economic, gather strength. Storms that do not discriminate, as do United States tax policies, according to one's social and economic class.

Tell me again why it is said that the majority of our service people support the Bush administration, even as it again cuts support for them? It must be some blind ideological cult-of-personality thing, which I do not understand.

So why is all this occuring? Why does our debt pile up, while our soldiers die endlessly, while our leaders let down those they are sworn to support?

Well, maybe it's because our President is a drunk.

We would not need rumors if the mainstream media were doing its job. Unfortunately, Bush has never been thoroughly confronted about his admitted problems with alcohol and cocaine, among perhaps other things. And it is not known that he has ever sought treatment for these dysfunctions. The press remains codependent on this matter.

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