Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thanks, Bob

"She related that she had urged Bush at the White House on Tuesday to fire Michael Brown.

''He said 'Why would I do that?''' Pelosi said.

'''I said because of all that went wrong, of all that didn't go right last week.' And he said 'What didn't go right?''"

There are several other quotes available. Bush thinks Brown did just fine. If you think he was incompetent, well, you are not his boss.

I saw this in a video clip played out on Faux or CNN a couple days ago. As I do not wish to spin their hit counters I am quite satisfied to have lifted this written transcript from the comments over at a real blog by a real blogger. The note was made by one "bob mcmanus" which is so plain a moniker one must assume he uses his real name.

I recall the video clip well, and Mr. McManus distorts not. Funny how I cannot specifically recall nor give a fig just which network on which I saw the Pelosi video, though. Like it matters. Faux? CNN? E!TV? The Comedy Network? Whatever.

Pelosi nailed it, and then, amazingly, went public with such comments. You see, regarding the absolute destruction of one of the most historic cities in America, Bush thinks things are going rather well.

Can they kill her for that? I do not know. But I would advise Madame Pelosi to avoid travel in small aircraft.

A familiar psychological theme emerges here. It has to do with death. When Bush was young, seven years old, his beloved little sister Robin died of leukemia at age three. He was said to have been very fond of her. Very fond of her. Who wouldn't be? My god, there is nothing on this fair earth more lovely than any three-year-old girl.

Just ask the father of any daughter. You will see.

Bush was not immediately told of her death. His parents, Robin's parents, played golf the next day. To mourn was not a family priority.
Damn them to hell. A three-year-old daughter JUST DIED. Let's play golf, eh? Bastards. Bitches. Monsters. Defend them, if you wish. Please excuse my emotional response. On second thought, if you should think my emotional response here inappropriate, well then too bad. In any hypothetical situation I will side with the child. I know me.

I know me.

Young Bush spent some time at a friend's house then, at which it was recorded that he had terrible nightmares. Christ, his little sister had just died. Damn. Of course he may have had a few childhood trauma-related calls to make. Of course. But he couldn't.

He was not allowed to grieve. His parents, though absent for long intervals caring for Robin in far away hospitals, basically hid her illness as best they could, and Bush, learning disabled as he already was, became emotionally stunted. To say the least.

He cannot grieve. He never learned how. Actually, he was taught otherwise, like his mother, to snicker at the misfortune of others.

Bush is unable to see things that go wrong. He is blinded by his own ideology; a blindness which is amplified by the blind men he has chosen to advise him. What are we to to?

We know what to do, as we are not losers, like our Republican leaders. Leaders. What a word. What a word. Losers. That's more like it.

Evacuees. What a word.

God bless the refugees. God damn those who witheld our help which we laboured to send to them. God help the refugees, for Bush knows them NOT. He knows them not a bit.


SassyNurse said...

If anything at all good can from this hopefully things will change at every level in case of another disaster, or terrist attack. If you would have told me there would be American "Refugees" a year ago I would have laughed at them. Not in America would have been my response, not now my way of thinking has been changed forever.

SassyNurse said...

oops...I need to learn to type as fast as I think...I should have said "If anyone would have told me there would be American Refugees..."