Saturday, April 14, 2007

Golden Delicious Apples

This may come as a surprise to many who read the Arizona Republic editorial pages regularly: they don't always publish idiotic rantings. They are inconsistent. Sometimes genuinely thoughtful remarks are allowed to slip through.

Like this one:

"We played against them in the Elite Eight round at this year's NCAA tournament, but our connection goes beyond that recent competition. In the pre-season "Paradise Jam" Women's Basketball Tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands in November, ASU's women's basketball team was scheduled to play Rutgers when a personal tragedy struck our team and we withdrew from the tournament.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights could have claimed a forfeit victory in the game, but they did not. They honored our loss by showing us extraordinary support, compassion and respect."

Basketball is obviously not the only thing that the players on the Rutgers team do well. I hope your own daughters and sons turn out that way and that they do not take to the unsavory humorless drivel that passes for political and popular discourse in various media these days, particularly amplitude modulation radio signals.

For example, courtesy of Spocko's Brain:

"Something Disgusting Said by Ann Coulter, Disguised as a Joke.

On ABC Radio/Disney station KSFO 560 AM in SF on July 27th 2006 Ann Coulter was talking to Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan and Tom Benner (whose pseudonym is "Officer Vic") about the bombing in Southern Lebanon. The first person talking is Lee Rodgers.

Ann Coulter: "On the bright side we hit a couple of UN peacekeepers."
Melanie Morgan: laughs
Officer Vic: "Look at those blue helmets go flyin'"
Coulter: "Somebody has to tell Israel about the installation on 42nd street."

Please LISTEN to the actual audio.
(WMA Audio link 1.01 clip, comment at 45 sec)
[I didn't link the link]

It is widely agreed that Ann Coulter says things that are repellent to decent humans. But when you LAUGH at her obnoxious comments, what does that say about YOUR character?"

In a just world, Ann Coulter and her ilk would be impoverished and defiled and the Rutgers women's basketball team members would have their own empire of money, books, and media popularity.

What does that say about YOUR country?


Emily Ericann said...

I find Ann Coulter far more reprehensible than Imus, who I've never listened to.

Her insensitive, racist, and hateful comments disguised as right-wing punditry are strewn around cyberspace for all to read.

Maybe soon she will be held to the same standards as a shock jocfk doofus, who is only on the air to enhtertain. After all, she's supposed to be converting the hearts and minds of Americans.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Eli Blake said...

Well, just the other night Michael Savage went on, defending Don Imus by using the word, 'hos' in a very premeditated manner and suggesting violence against women. And the collective world yawned.

It seems like we as a society have a penchant for concentrating all our fire on one violator and letting even worse offenders go scot free.

Dirk Gently said...

there is no rational reason that ann coulter should be allowed near a megaphone.

politics is a crowded theater, in which she is continually allowed to yell fire.