Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Two days away from work are always better than just one, and a week away allows the necessary distance to develop, to allow different body rhythms to arise, maybe even to approach relaxation.

Sitting on the beach plodding through a Kellerman crime novel instead of a heavy tome about Crusader history or modern politics, nice breeze against my bare legs, the sounds of waves and happy people, occasionally still my thoughts brush up against work and I get that little visceral freeze-up of stress. I blow it away with a deep breath.

In nursing, as in medicine in general, the expectation is that the work will go perfectly. Everything is over-wrought and rechecked. Confirmed by others. Documented. It's stressful, and this can sometimes be compounded by demanding people. Personality-disordered lungers. Crystal addicts. The demented.

One of the tricks to functioning at that level is to find a way to relax into it.

That's an unnecessary abstraction here, though.


may said...

that is a trick i love. i'm sure you had fun :)

Amy said...

Happy, happy vacation. I need an extended one, I think. Three months in Kauai ought to do it.

donna said...


I ought to get over to La Jolla more often. Somehow when something is 30 minutes away it's not as attractive. ;^)

Eli Blake said...


I know what you mean. We lived about 2 hours from the Grand Canyon for several years (and my wife had lived about the same distance on the other side before I married her) and a couple of years ago was the first time that either of us had actually been there.

shrimplate said...

That's funny. I lived in Saratoga Springs for many years, and I went to the races only once.