Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday's Protest March

While thousands rolled down the streets of our nation's capital city I stood by myself, but not alone, for a couple hours on the corner of Camelback Road and 24h Street, holding up my sign.

A lot of people driving by flashed a thumb's-up and a smile. Some honked and waved. Of course a few of the less-mannered gave me the finger and called out insults. Usually these were service-age young men travelling in safe groups encased in oversized vehicles. One was a guy and his woman in a dark Porsche with a license-plate that started with the numbers "888." He scowled and flipped me the bird.

"Hate-hate-hate." Right there on the back of his car, proudly displayed.

For every castigating gesture or remark there were dozens of showings of support. It was breezy, cloudy, and cool. Somehow, being the only one seemed right and good. One person with a message, many busy people travelling by. It was something that had to be seen, and it was.


Diane said...

Thanks for doing your part, good friend!

You joined tens of thousands all over the country trying to get the message across.

Now, if we could only get some folks to listen!

dbackdad said...

Good for you. My son and I have participated in protests on that corner a couple of times. The wide range of reactions one gets when protesting is definitely interesting ... and telling.

Anonymous said...

hey, i heard about the protest after the fact. is it the one hit by water balloons? where did you learn of said protest b/c I WOULD TOTALLY join you in another one.


shrimplate said...


I had mistakenly assumed that here migh have been people there because of the protests going on in D.C. and that corner is usually where protests are held here in The Valley. But I actually was the only one there. You would have probably been bored.

No More Mr. Nice Guy! said...

Good on you, mate! I did the same thing on July 4th, standing at the same place with a sign that said "Impeach Bush and Cheney", and the few fingers I got were far outweighed by the honks, smiles and thumbs-up. Even in blood-red Phoenix, there is a hunger for change in the air. The dems have been rubbish - they're even more cowardly now than when they were in the minority in Congress. It's up to We the People to impeach the bastards!