Saturday, December 15, 2007


The house is chilly at five-thirty and the morning is still dark. The dough is rising. My spouse is out doing a peyote ritual or some such thing. They are like that. The pets are quiet and my child-unit is sleeping.

Though I do not have to work today, I am thinking about my job as a nurse.

Nefarious thoughts. I am probing the depths of evil. Instead of merely typing on a computer keyboard, if I could I would cut out berzerkowitz letters from magazines and paste them into this message.

A handful of terrorists could bring down all the hospitals in this sprawling city. It would cost nothing and involve no complex training. Institutional health-care delivery would cease almost instantly if medical centers were infiltrated by scrub-clad insurgents who simply took away all of the coffee-making machines.

This cannot happen.


Dirk Gently said...

great. just great.

now they know.

Becca said...

Great. Not only do you give away the "keys to the kingdom," as it were, but you do it using my coffee maker.

WTF, man?

Ruth said...

Thanks for that.

You missed some rather startling statistics this a.m. at Eschaton, there was sharing of public health findings such as how much excrement we touch in public places. hmmmmm. We don't need terrorists, we have public doors.