Sunday, January 06, 2008

Alligator Junipers

Alligator Bark Juniper trees. They only grow in a few scarce areas of Arizona and New Mexico, and also Texas I think. Beautiful thick-trunked trees with occasional blue berries. I wouldn't eat them. They smell foul. Like fuel.

High altitudes, about a mile above sea level. Baking is different there. But nursing is not all that different. The helicoptors go out as much as they go in, I suppose.


wunelle said...

Fabulous bark.

I wonder if (motorhead that I am) "smells like fuel" would be an asset for me?

James said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, the helicopters go in and out a little slower... (higher altitude makes for thinner air, less lift for the rotors...)

I love those trees, though (although I've never noticed the smell of the berries.. I'll have to pay more attention to that!)