Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Can Haz Obama Voties

This kitty was blatantly blogstolen from Libby at Plush Life.

We just got back from a day at the state fair. Normally I avoid large groups of people, but because my face is covered with prison tattoos I fit right in with the crowd there. It was good family fun.

The food was about the same as every year. Chocolate-dipped bacon-wrapped twinkie-burrito-stuffed deep-fried whole turkey legs, seven-dollar lemonade, and the ever-present funnel-cakes; cuisine such as this ruled. I guess people are eating lighter these days.


Somnambulant Student Nurse said...

I brought home a brand new Obama t-shirt the other day and my cat promptly curled herself right above the slogan. I had to take pictures. Loved it!

Also, going to the state fair next weekend to ward off some school stress via eating, eating and more eating. Hurrah!

dbackdad said...

Haven't made it yet this year. My son went with his school this past week.

Roasted corn is usually my favorite, though I usually have to try deep-fried something, just to say I did.

Eric said...

Did they have the animals again this year? I just love that. Last time I went, I was absolutely gobsmacked by all of the 2-ton bulls being docilely led around on ropes by these 45-pound little girls.