Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Cover of Coots

Life is short. Work is long. Time is long, too; infinitely so. But it's always running out. There's never enough of it.

I'm rarely in the mood to appreciate that. It royally pisses me off, actually.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not wag their tails because they are happy to see you. On the rare occasions when they do so, it's because they are smarter than you.

You can't see around corners, at least not without using a mirror. But with practice you can learn to hear around corners.

Everybody knows what the outside of the Sydney Opera House looks like, but not many would recognize a picture of its interior. I probably wouldn't.

There are never no more questions.

Like humans, birds tend to name their songs.

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wunelle said...

I have a picture of the organ inside the Sydney opera house, so I've seen a little bit of it! (I recall the organ being an interesting story, the contract having been awarded to a firm that ended up being not up to so daunting a task; and so it was taken over by another firm and finished. This is a couple decades ago, methinks. I guess I should Google it.)