Sunday, March 01, 2009

Would You Like a Moment?

Dani is from England and she is working here as a registry nurse. I first met her while I was on staff at another area hospital. I've known her for years. She's very knowledgable and funny, and she has her nursing chops down.

"So Dani, we were driving home from shopping the other day when we pulled up behind an SUV that had this weird license plate. It just had "96" on it. Some lady was driving it, " I said to her.

Sometimes I'll have these little "drive-by" conversations as I'm passing through the nursing station, the medication room, or wherever. My hands will be busy doing something- pulling a chart and transcribing orders, pulling meds, putting out a page to a doctor, but that leaves the mouth free for a moment of talk with coworkers.

"Just the two numbers?" Dani asked, and I confirmed.

"Maybe it's an Irish sexual position," she said, and I laughed out loud. I set them up, and she brings them home.

Carpopenaeus callirostris


Eli Blake said...

Back to back would not be an IRISH sexual position.

Chinese, maybe since the imposition of the one-child-policy.

GingerJar said...

That's funny. Now we all know the American 69...but 96...maybe somebody is dyslexic with numbers???? Hope all is good with you.