Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everybody Should Have Goals

If you are walking down the street and you see people waiting in a line, join it.

Listen to your pets. They have been thinking a lot and they have formed essential opinions about many things.

If you have a favorite recipe for a savory meal, change it to sweet. Or the other way around. Sweet to savory.

Go north.

Collect pebbles. Or new words. I made up a new word once: tagerectaphobia, which is the fear of having the tag inside the back of your shirt collar sticking up in an embarrassing manner so you keep checking on it to push it back down.


donna said...

I always cut the tags out, can't stand them rubbing my neck. NOw I buy mostly tagless shirts.

The annoyance is then they sometimes sneak them into the side seams, and they annoy me until I get a chance to cut those out, too.

I hate tags...

Marc said...

Talk to your pets - have a conversation with them. While my cat and I don't speak the same language, we seem to be able to communicate very well. I, of course, have to imagine what her side of the conversation is, but I try to keep up. ;)

Ruth said...

You made me check my tag. Of course, it was sticking out.

may said...

i love the new word. are you aure you made that up? and though i don't have a pet, that line about them made me smile for a long time.

and my word verification? "bralip" does that word exist or can i pretend i made it up to mean "a bra that is shaped like a lip" :)

Eli Blake said...

What I hate are some of those new tags that have the little chip with wires in it. I always wonder if they are really just the innocent anti-shoplifting device they are pitched as.

My condolences about Sylvia Plath's son. You've not done Plath in awhile, now you may have to write something.