Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Band of Jays

You don't really need anything in order to do nursing. Having a hospital around helps, though.

Six strings will do, but perhaps the ideal is eleven. With bass courses tuned scale-wise downward.

The fucking dog took one of my socks. Just one. I'd rather she took both of them.

Everything is a coincidence.

They tried to have one of their friends (for lack of a better word,) impersonate a doctor to give one of the nurses phone orders for intravenous dilaudid. The scheme didn't work. This is the kind of bullshit nurses have to put up with.

Schools are mostly comprised of empty space. If I were a teacher, I'd have my students use all the space they possibly could, for doing things.

Somewhere, there is a desert that is only one rainstorm away from not being a desert anymore. Lately I feel like I might be living in just such a place.

If pain did not exist, somebody would invent it.

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