Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bobby McGee

Photo stolen from a most excellent island blog called The Daily Flow. Her travelogue charts the same course of Hawaiian back roads that we took. The picture is of Alahanui State Park.

The ocean beaches here are dangerous and many people have lost their lives in the high surf. This area, however, has an enclosed pool that is warmed to 90F. by lava-heated waters. Perfect. Clear and refreshing. We swam and then went out to walk along the lava flows at water's edge. We found hermit crabs double-hiding in the inches-deep pools maintained by splashing surf.

Back at the rental I espied a sea turtle skimming the waves and called the others to see it too. We saw whales going by the day before.

Like a sea turtle, my ocean is wide. Unlike a sea turtle, I have no shell.

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