Thursday, March 11, 2010

For My Future Postoperative Patients

I work on a specialty unit. There are types of surgeries done here that no other hospital in the state, and no other nursing unit either, especially works with. I do not write about these things because it might betray my fragile anonymity.

Ironically, I may soon require just such surgery. I will be operated on by doctors that I deal with every working day, and I have complete confidence in them. I will be treated postoperatively by my coworkers. Hopefully it will make me an even better nurse. Hopefully it will be minimally embarrassing.

How would you like to get out of surgery knowing that your nurse has undergone the same thing? I will have been there and done that! So no excuses, buddy. Get up and walk, use your incentive spirometer, get better, and get the fuck out of here.


wunelle said...

Hope you're not out of play for very long (but I guess you'd know as well as anyone how long it's likely to be)!

Ah well, I send happy thoughts.

woolywoman said...

I was just hospitalized in my hospital, in my unit. It was remarkably un-embarrassing. I got endless diet coke from people who know my addiction well. I was pleased and happy about all of this.