Friday, November 02, 2007


U.S. businesses hire economic refugees from other countries because they will work for low wages. If these people entered the country illegally, so much the better. It gives the employer even more control and leverage over those workers.

American citizens would happily take those jobs if they paid decently. But they don't.

Further, the businesses that hire the people we call "illegal aliens" do not generally provide healthcare insurance for them. Instead, you do.

Hospital emergency rooms do not stop resuscitation to determine the patient's immigration status. They have to provide stabilizing care regardless of ability to pay. And businesses are all too glad to offset the cost of maintaining the health of their workers onto taxpayers and those whose private insurance payments go to help pay off the bad debts incurred by the working poor.

Since we currently seem to prefer to have a government that primarily serves a sociopathic corporatocracy, we should expect policies that encourage businesses to obtain cheap unfranchised foreign workers, and we should expect policies that would have us subsidize those non-voting workers and their families.

Of course, things might be different if we had a government that primarily served We The People.

As long as we have a corporatocracy, we will have a substantial sub-population of cheap, easily deportable, exploitable, and non-voting people to feed to that corporatocracy. And we will have policies in place that ensure we subsidize this with our own money.

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Heller said...

Ironic, isn't it? Here we are stuck in a never-ending war, with the impending Boomer retirement wave about to swamp Social Security. We need, more than anything else, an influx of taxpayers and soldiers - and in His infinite wisdom, God has sent them pouring over our Southern border. I say put up a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the Rio Grande, complete with a turnstyle that dispenses Social Security cards to our brand-new, taxpaying citizens.

Too real, huh?