Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stop Your Messing Around

One of the things that sociopaths do to let you know how awful they are is to portray themselves as victims. Like Rudy Giuliani. On torture techniques:

Giuliani is clear about is the use of sleep deprivation is okay, calling any opposition to the use of that method "plain silly."

"On that theory, I am getting tortured running for president of the United States."

The glib charm is a tell, also. And of course the always-present expressed inability to gather even an iota of real human concern about the suffering of other people.

Being forced by interrogators to go sleepless for days on end and running for president. Both are "torture," see? Hahaha. Look at the funny man, mummy.

What a malignant asshole.

His recent comments about using "enhanced interrogation" techniques during criminal prosecutions are designed to distort and charm his way into the cold little grinch-hearts of the true-believers, and upon examination it appears that his stance is built upon the ever-shifting sands of sociopathy.

For example, he obtained convictions against one of the most notorious crime bosses in recent history, John Gotti, not by dunking heads in toilets. He flipped Sammy "The Bull," a dyslexic psychopath and Gotti underling who himself had murdered nineteen people, including a policeman.

The deal included a few years of imprisonment, plastic surgery, and relocation under a witness protection program. Gravano was later convicted for running a drug-distribution ring. Psychopaths do not change. They're stuck that way.

That's how tough on crime Rudy is. It makes me long for the days when Dukakis was swift-boated for the Horton prisoner furlough, while Reagan himself presided over a similar program as governor pf California.

"Massachusetts is one of more than 40 states with furlough programs that allow prisoners, including some murderers, to leave prison for a day or more. California gave furloughs to convicted felons during Ronald Reagan's two terms as Governor. Mr. Reagan did not attempt to change the policy even after two convicts committed murder while on furlough in 1972."

And Rudy gave a pass to an unredeemable hitman to obtain convictions that made him look good in the New York papers. That's Rudy at his best. You can ask Donna Hanover about some of the bad stuff.

Tough on crime, these Republicans. Feh. Family values. What a load. Fiscal responsibility. A big steamy bucket of puke, that.

Always accuse others of your own shortcomings. A Republican campaign credo. And whenever possible, they bargain with the devil. He's their best friend forever.

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Dirk Gently said...

Psychopaths do not change. They're stuck that way.

you mean rudy, right?