Sunday, November 18, 2007

Phun With Economic Grafs

Who does the grocery shopping at your place? If it's you, then you already know. If not, go along next time. Remember prices. Then go again in a few months. It could be quite a surprise.

Since most of our food travels over a thousand miles to get to us, and a lot of it depends upon commercial petroleum-based fertilizers for production, I think it's fair to assume that there will be a correlation between gasoline prices and your grocery budget. They'll go up. In tandem. Forever.

The lows get higher and the highs get higher.

More neat-o graphs here.

Don't you just love graphs? This one is so nice. It goes up. If the Consumer Price Index were a stock, perhaps now would be a good time to tell your broker to buy. I think it's going to really take off.

But it's not a stock.


Disappearing John was saying that "it pays to be a nurse." Yes. It does. But being rich pays better. They have graphs for that.

Oranges and other fruits have gotten bigger raises than nurses.

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