Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Some thoughts on the debate tonight:

The best way to cook asparagus is to wrap it in bacon and then brown it up quickly in a good pan. It makes people happy.

If a patient appears to be a "hard stick," that is to say someone with veins which are difficult to access with intravenous catheters, I sometimes wrap their arm in a microwaved warm moist towel before insertion. It provides distraction, softens the skin, and sometimes even seems to dilate the veins a little.

If your cooking is troubled by dry chicken breasts, cook them on the bone. Or on the whole bird. It's cheaper and it tastes a lot better. There was a contestant on Top Chef who could take down a chicken in a minute flat. Very handy, that.

Practice with a metronome. Then practice without it.

I like to coat food items with things other than the usual breadcrumbs or batter. A second coffee grinder is good for processing nuts or cereals into a coating for fish, vegetables, burgers, or whatever.

In my years of nursing I've come to believe that men who enjoy performing cunninglus are the best for placing urinary Foley catheters in women, even the really big fat ladies. Especially those.

None of this stuff has anything to do with tonight's political debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. The same goes for just about everything the television pundits said about it afterwards.

But they get paid for that. To be irrelevant.


wunelle said...

Hey, don't sell yourself short.

This post was as pertinent to the debate as Palin's (the Unwed-Teen-Mother-Maker) experience is to the job she seeks (and the one to which she will likely ascend if elected).

If she can do it, so can you!


Amy said...

I found this post far more thought-provoking, educational and interesting than much of the drivel I have heard spoken by the McCain/Palin team (except for the things that cause me to yell and/or throw things at the TV, I mean). I especially liked the bit about the Foley cath. bit. Explains why I was always the ER's Foley expert. Also, the best way to cook ANYTHING is to wrap it in bacon.