Saturday, July 04, 2009

La Deploration Sur la Mort de Ockeghem

Hat tip to AndyG. Story in the StarTribune here.

"Fireworks called Run Hadji Run were pulled off the shelves of a Wisconsin store after Minnesota Muslims complained that they were racist.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) said that both the name and the packaging are demeaning. One side of the package has a drawing of Uncle Sam yanking the long beard of a man in traditional Muslim attire, while the other shows a Stealth bomber flying over a group of Arabs riding camels."

It's some little girl's birthday today.

Be safe, people, and stay the fuck out of the hospital.


Ruth said...

Thanks, but can't exactly say to you, do the same, since the hospital would be the worse for it.

Eli Blake said...

Yeah, but the fireworks company now has a way out of this.

Thanks to HB 2258 (assuming it is signed by Governor Brewer as many people expect) fireworks will now be legal in Arizona.

And speaking of going to the hospital, HB 2258 was written so poorly that while it does have a minimum age of 16 to purchase fireworks, there is no minimum age for their use- so a 16 year old could go buy fireworks and give them to some seven year olds and tell them to go have fun.

I'll lay you even odds that if the governor signs this bill it will take less than a month before something you will see in the hospital is a juvenile with serious burns caused by fireworks.