Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Party of Jays

Psychoanalysis takes a long time. Truth is elusive. The self is a chimera. People need to make a living.

We can only really speak meaningfully of things that exist. Perhaps we should put aside all discussion of promises.

We can devise a word or words for each thing that is discovered in our reality. Unfortunately, we can also devise words for things that have never existed and never will exist. This creates problems in language. These problems spread and evolve virally, becoming pandemic.

Once I knew a man named Lou. He'd had a stroke that destroyed his ability to speak, meaning that the Broca's area of his brain had suffered while the Wernicke's area was relatively intact. He could sing though. Bye bye blackbird.

I become deeply agitated upon seeing homes or buildings with complex roof lines. I absolutely could not live in such a place. No dormers nor gables for me, please. Please.

There are about five thousand breeds of dogs. Their innate ability and desire to interact with people subjected dogs to selective pressures to evolve in many different ways. Not so for cats. They only have about a dozen genes that are selectively manipulated by cat breeders for color, body style, etc. Cuteness, maybe.

Headphones on. Lights off. Feet up.

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