Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Les Oiseaux Formidables

Nick Lane has written this wonderful book about ten iconic developments that occurred as life evolved on our planet of flux. P.Z. Myers has a review here.

I'm also working on Bach's Partita in A Minor for solo flute, transcribed by guitarist Denis Azabagic.

It's thinly textured, which seems to make it easy on the fingers compared to the thorny fugues found in Bach's solo lute and violin works. But therein lies the musical difficulty.

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wunelle said...

I'm not familiar with the work, I don't think, but I love the sparseness on the page. Not sparseness, exactly, but the monody of it; yet Bach's world was a harmonically rich one, and I love that he achieves such harmonic life with passing tones and implication. So cerebral and brilliant.