Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yeah, Another Day

(Photo stolen from the web so sue me.)

My head wasn't really in the game today, but nothing came up at work that was much challenging. A lung patient who was doing well, a paraplegic whose short-term prognosis was very good because he'd soon be over this bout of pneumonia, a guy waiting for Monday to roll around so he could get a video-assisted-thoracoscopy and wedge resection (his sats kept dropping to 80% but he looked good doing it,) and a guy who went home first thing this morning. The patient I got in his place had a complex history including a perforated esophagus with an esophageal stent.

Now that's more like it.

Anyways, I blithered away the day thinking about other things.

My guitar studies have taken an intense turn and this has tossed me into the throes of a deep melancholic nostalgia; for music school, for my old musical friends, and indeed just for the repertoire I used to have. So there's that. I loved it all. The competition, the pressure to perform, the essence of perfection that only marks the beginning of understanding the performance of any given piece of concert music... well, I guess a lot of that can be translated into nursing, but it's not the same.

Nursing is a beautiful thing and I love my coworkers, but nursing lacks music. Sort of. Sort of not.

Tomorrow spousie is taking me to The Big Island along with our child and their same-age cousin. So I had that to distract me from work, too.

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donna said...

Habe fun and enjoy! We'll be in Hawaii in June, on Kauai, though. Love the big island though -- I remember as a kid walking along the black sand beach with my dad, one of my best memories.