Thursday, July 14, 2005

Al Qaeda Po

This is how not to support the troops, and I am glad to see "kathika" over at Daily Kos address it. Randi Rhodes has focused on this quite a bit, too. Every time I've tuned in lately she's given it a mention.

Food that expired a year ago. Food left to thaw because they didn't bother to refuel the trucks to maintain refridgeration. Food blown up in attacks but served anyway. Overcharges. Double-billing. Truth, justice, and the American way.

You wouldn't feed shrapnel to your dog. And in all fairness, Halliburton subsidiaries see to it that shrapnel is not fed to our troops, either. They pick it all out before serving.

Vice-President Cheney, who was the CEO of Halliburton before taking on his job as chief White House string-puller, still gets deferred compensation from his old company. That bothers me. He shouldn't be making money from a company that is abusing our troops like this.

Yes, it is abuse. If you did this to your own children, they would be removed from you, for their own safety. Yet we allow the likes of KB&R to do so.

Who would be proud of this? Who would fight to defend companies that do this? Who would fight to defend a country that does this? Eventually, nobody.

Who will have won, then?

You don't really support the troops much by cutting VA programs, either.

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Dale Overhill said...

It is shocking when you hear the latest Halliburton treachery, but one never thinks "gee, even these murderous bastards wouldn't do that," because of course they would.

What does stagger me is, no matter how disgusting or vile the latest KBR or Cheney administration practice is, conservatives and Christianists continue their unquestioning support.

It scares the bejeebus out of me.