Saturday, July 09, 2005

Thanks, jimmymac and Photodump

Click and scroll down a little, and see Einstein explain the Judith Miller problem. It's that simple, really.

The spin regarding L'Affaire Judy amazes me. Otherwise half-way sensible newspaper editorialists everywhere in the U.S. are twisting this story like a Moebius strip to make it sound like Miller is doing the honorable thing by protecting some source. I do not think that is it at all. And neither does Einstein.

The press, along with Miller, seems bent on protecting the person who outed Plame, instead of skewering Bush with a few simple questions concerning his apparent disinterest in finding out who, in his White House, committed the crime.

Crime in the White House. Bush ignores it, or covers it up. The press abides. America loses another battle for a bit of its own soul.

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