Saturday, July 30, 2005

Reliability Clause

If any of you at all doubt the complete bug-headed idiocy of our dear President Bush, then please click on the video link here. The smirk, the disregard for the power of the camera, his dismissal of the potential posterity of the video record, his insensitivity towards whoever may see it, his lousy judgement, all on tape.

This should be played in every church in the United States on a regular basis, for all congregations to see and meditate upon. This man has his finger, not the same one, I hope, on the nuclear button.

There has been some minor controversy surrounding a video that Leno presented this week on his television show, purporting to capture the president giving a one-finger salute as he walks away from a gaggle of reporters. You can click over to Desert Rat Democrat and take a look, if you are not already familiar with this.

The earlier video, however, is unambiguous. It is a very unflattering glimpse of the man who now leads us. I hope you can both look at it for yourself and then also imagine how it would look to the people of other countries.

Believe me, they don't hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we elected this dangerous plebian second-rate burnt-out frat-boy, twice, to represent us to the whole world.

Thank the stars we have a Constitution that prevents us from electing him yet a third time.


SassyNurse said...

People working at McDonalds are more respectful of others than that...there are no words to even explain the imbecilic nature of the man who is supposed to be running this country.

Anonymous said...

I am curious about the time frame of that video. It looks several years old. (Not that that matters).

He does scare me, of course, most of the political candidates lately have scared me...