Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Simple Division Complicated by Tax Law That Favors Pals of You-Know-Who

If you take the current amount of public debt and then divide this number by the the current U.S. U.S. population then what you get is the birth tax.

This is the average amount of the national debt that each of us, as Americans, owes the various holders of our Treasury debt instruments; that is to say, cash owed to the governmants of Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, and the like. Of course your families' share may be higher, due to fancy-schmancy tax loopholes for the very rich, who simply do not pay their fair share, shifting the burden onto you and yours.

Think about what you could buy with that money. A year of college at a famous European university, for your brilliant daughter, let's say. Or a pretty nice car. Or a pair of these with appropriate amplification.

Or a down-payment on a stupid, miserable, decades-long war.

Bush's exit plan: when the oil runs out, the troops stop dying. That's it, folks. What? That's not it? What a laugh. And yes, you are correct. It's NOT FUNNY.

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