Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mundum reple dulcedine

This editorial suggests there are not enough people in the world of Islam speaking out against terrorism.

"Where are the responsible Islamic leaders? Where are the imams condemning the murderers who have hijacked their religion? Why are the mosques not ringing with condemnation of al-Qaida?"

Terrorism, of course, is narrowly considered to be only those bad things that Muslims do to other people. If people who are predominantly Christian steer cruise missles into the neighborhoods of large cities in Iraq, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process, this is called "shock and awe." Not "terrorism." Nice, that.

It is assumed that if an American missle blows up your family in the middle of the night, you will not feel terror. In fact, according to the current American vice-president, you will instead be moved to joyously throw flowers at those who have just pulverized your loved ones to death.

That, certainly, is insane. The subject for some other newspaper editorial, presumably. America would need its print media to widely disseminate information regarding the deranged mental status of its leaders, you might think. Wrongly, in this case, though.

Christ himself was no advocate of mass slaughter. But many of the people who live in this largely Christian country often profess a desire to submit Muslims to genocide. Here is an example of some of the things they say. Perhaps, sheltered as they are, newspaper editorialists are unaware of such sentiments.

*"Can we eradicate Islam now, please?"

* "If there are no Arabs there are no attacks. How many more need be sacrificed?"

* "It is now time to force muslims to make a choice: Live peacefully or die. I prefer the latter."

* "We need to stop fucking with these people and kill every one involved. I mean anyone with prior knowledge, anyone who payed for it, and anyone who supported it. Regardless of nationality."

* "If its Islamic it will probably blow up. All Islamic get full body searches with VERY high intensity X-rays ."

* "The best way to deliver those high intensity x-rays is through some W76 warheads at around 100 kt a piece. It will be easier to give a full body search after that."

* "Britain should END ALL ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION NOW....Continuing to welcome the enemy into your country is insane."

* "subhumans, first time on 2 feet...round em all up, every friggin' last one of them...unfortunately, I still think it will take even more violence from the Arabs before the West wakes up and goes savage on em"

* "Martyring Muslims doesn't seem to make much of a difference to the fanatics. What is needed is to take their human capital out their hands - their children. No more warped children, no more jihadis. "

The calls for genocide and apartheid are flowing freely. There is a reason why blogs like Instapundit and Powerline do not allow comments, and why Time magazine would give its "Blog of the Year" award to Powerline even though Free Republic actually "broke" the CBS story. There is a concerted effort on the part of the right to prevent this sort of overt racism and fascism on the right from being given any sunshine. These, however, are not isolated comments. They are numerous and they are appearing on the second most trafficked right-wing blog in the country, and by far the largest right-wing blog that allows comments.

(Thanks to MyDD for doing the heavy lifting here.)

Or perhaps they, the editorialists, are merely projecting, in both the psychological sense of the term and as a sort of synonym for "broadcasting." I think one could surmise that the editorial cited above does a bit of both, in the sense that it also puts forth a talking-point seen to be beneficial to those who man the White House fax machines. Goodness knows they need lots of help, though perhaps of a different sort.

No, you are correct, I am being unfair. Rest assured that newspaper editorialists will soon, probably tomorrow, exhort Christian leaders and readers to denounce bigotry against Islam and Arabs, and to decry the violence our weapons have wrought upon their innocent children. Surely that will be so.

Pig feathers.

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