Friday, February 23, 2007

Huevos y guacamole avec un croissant

We are now a nation in which two languages, not just one, are predominant.

How do I know this? Well, a majority of the people I work with are bilingual. The patient mix is certainly skewed towards bilingualism, and of course I serve a fair share of people who have no English skills.

My own Spanish skills are minimal. To say the least. The less said the better, actually. While in school French was preferred, due to proximity to "au Ca-nada." Mais je ne les croix pas les mots Canadiens, parse qu'ils sont tres difficiles.

Once I had called upon a company translator to assist with discharge instructions with an elderly woman who spoke no English. The interpreter was what you might call "white," and the woman mentioned this. She was not used to gringos who spoke her language. She said so, according to her family members who indicated that she had said that this was the first time she'd been with a "white person" who spoke Spanish.

Imagine that.

There's a first time for everything.

Often when I tell people what I like about being here, I mention the cultural fusion. It's somewhat like Quebec, in which two different languages each with their associated "cultures" are both clashing and melding.

Cannot a single culture encompass various languages?! Yes, I would say.

It's going to happen. Well actually it is happening here now as well as in Quebec. Different kinds of people get together and make new things, like putting rock lobster into tortillas instead of pasta or French puff pastries. That makes me want to put huevos with chorizo and guacamole into a croissant. With jalepenos. Who's up for that?

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