Friday, February 23, 2007


Perhaps somebody could provide a link for this specific item, but in my admittedly brief searches I couldn't find one so I am copying this from an actual book. Does anybody remember when we actually had those? I think Beaver Cleaver was president back then.


"Are you tired of angels?"

Myra Sklarew

I am tired of angels,
of how their great wings
rustle open the way a curtain opens
on a play I have no wish to see.
I am tired of their milky robes,
their star-infested sashes,
of their perfect fingernails
translucent as shells
from which the souls
of tiny creatures have already fled.

Remember Lucifer, I want to tell them,
his crumpled bat wings
nose-diving from grace.
But they would simply laugh
with the watery sound a harp makes
cascading through bars of music.
Or they would sing to me in
my mother's lost voice,
extracting all the promises
I made to her but couldn't keep.

Linda Pastan

From "Heroes in Disguise" 1991, W.W. Norton & Company, New York.

An introduction to the absolutely cynically stupid Shedegg Memo can be found here.

Why does John Shadegg even have this job? Are there not enough johns cruising Van Buren already?

Arizona is tired of johns.

The above poem is bookmarked in my first-edition hard-cover with a ticket from a 1997 McCoy Tyner concert held at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, Vermont. That's a very nice town and you should go there sometime and get a tattoo.

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