Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meet Ostrich Boy

Jobs and grants and conferences, oh my! Some people have a greater fear of actual study and research than they hold for the problem itself.

"Global warming has become an immense international gravy train worth billions of dollars. The subject is now one of the largest beneficiaries of government research money in the world."

Cancer and AIDS, weapons research and international diplomacy, Halliburton and the Carlyle Group are also beneficiaries of government research money. A pox on them all!

As with many such letter-writers, or even rightwing propagandists with professional stripes, logic and common sense fold up like so many lawn chairs and drift off in a parade of absurdity towards hazy conclusions.

After proclaiming that global warming is just a natural cycle and repeating the same old do-nothing anti-enviromental cliches Ostrich Boy smugly stamps away with this:

"Droughts also have a natural cycle. The Hohokams found this out and now we are learning the same lesson."

Well, thanks Mister Ostrich Boy. But... the Hohokams and their entire civilization disappeared. Disappearing is a lesson?!

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