Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Next Tenor in a Sling

There's been a real glut of sopranos, a Golden Age. Bartoli, Upshaw, Netrebko, Kozena, and that's just a humble beginning. Hunt-Lieberson, Fleming (with whom I went to Crane), Geneaux, Gens, Cioffi, just to name a few more of my favorites.

These are indeed good times. Great voices. Hearing Bartoli was a peak life experience for me. And thanks again to my Spouse Of The Century for taking me there to hear Bartoli in her Met debut as Despina.

I've got a good spouse.

Thomas Hampson still has the baritone thing locked up. Samuel Ramey is the top bass now, so to speak. Contraltos? None to speak of. Same for altos 'cept maybe Marietta Simpson.

But since the lamented demise of Pavarotti's absolutely once-magnificent vocal instrument, there has been constant speculation about The Next One. That meaning an operatic tenor, of course.

Just going on sheer guts and natural talent alone, my pick is Salvatore Licitra. He's got a busted up rotator cuff so when he does the notable Pagliacci next week with the Metropolitan Opera he will have an arm in a sling. He will kill, he will sing, he will die.

In a sling. That is just so cool.

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