Thursday, July 05, 2007

And Us, Too

We had a few days off so we travelled up over the Mogollon Rim to the cool forests and lakes of the Show Low/Lakeside/Pinetop area. The night air was so comfortable, we slept with the cabin windows open. Nature was our air-conditioner at this elevation of seven thousand feet above sea level.

At one point while driving back from one of the lakes there was an old battered pickup truck going along in front of us. It sported a bumper-sticker that read: Welcome to the White Mountains. Now Leave.

The fireworks at the high school went on for forty-five minutes. The best I've ever seen. Spousie and the kid loved it. And nobody in the crowd of thousands seemed to mind that we were there.

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dbackdad said...

It's gorgeous up there. We used to rent a cabin in Greer in early spring. There'd still be some snow but it was warm enough that you could go on hikes