Sunday, July 29, 2007


The most recent CT scan showed that another pancreatic tumor had developed and the blood vessel involvement made surgical resection just about impossible. Sorta like this:

Only bigger and a lot worse.

It had also spread so that fluid was filling up around his lungs. The chest tube that was inserted drained three liters within a few hours; more was coming, from his peritoneum. At least it was clear. There was such a lot of it, though.

For some reason his family members wanted a PET scan done so that they could "see" the new tumor. In color. Why, I don't know. Sandy said they just "wanted to run up the bill before he died" so their guilt at letting him go would be pacified by rather large medical bills.

Sure. That makes a lot of sense.

Actually, it does. Really. For some families that is how their grief functions; how it plays out. They might not feel the pain of losing their beloved until they get the bill. Then it all comes home like an emotional cruise missile aimed right at the heart.

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