Friday, July 13, 2007

Sleepy Kyl

A certain Mr. Yolland from some god-forsaken dusty corner of the East Valley wants to know how Senator Kyl sleeps:

"(Jon) Kyl added that most Republican Senators believe September remains the appropriate time to judge the success of the U.S. efforts to stabilize Iraq."

At current rates, that's about 250 more dead Americans and about $25 billion.

Honestly, Sen. Kyl, how do you sleep at night? - George Yolland, Queen Creek

In a box?

Or perhaps in the more traditional hanging-upside-down repose?

You decide.


MEC said...

Please don't malign vampires. They have more respect for human life than most Republicans have shown lately.

Eli Blake said...

Third option:

With a mind-numbing dose of barbiturates.