Monday, July 02, 2007

Mozart's 40th Symphony

Scooter walks.

Okay dudes and dudettes, here's my plan:

We all go to the ranch or to the Whitehouse or wherever Georgie is and we get him to join us for a game of "Hide and Seek." We make one of ourselves "it." When Georgie hides we all leave without looking for him.

I've got the tab for the beverages.

If we get lucky maybe he'll hide in the jam cellar and we can nail the door shut.



Anonymous said...

Awesome plan! I'll bring the chips and guacamole. Always wanted to see that part of central Texas.

N=1 said...

OK - You've got me - why the 40th? Why not the Surprise Symphony? *g*

shrimplate said...

To n=1:

Sometimes kids will sing "Mozart is locked in a closet, let him out let him out let him out" to the opening strains of the G-minor 40th.