Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hump-Day Dump-Day

Up with or even before the sun, it's quiet here at shrimplate manor. The east coast newspapers have been posted for hours. I peruse the headlines and opinion pages of several of these. NewsLink is my homepage. Coffee and Conlon Nancarrow on the stereo.

Two-channel. Martin-Logans. No video. Not that I'm proud.

We don't have a president anymore. Perhaps you think as I do that we haven't since the supremes installed Chimpy seven years ago. Now we have royalty. We have a king for whom power is checked only by his own creepy delusions.

Didn't George Washington cross a river to put a stop to this nonsense a long time ago?

If you are perceived to be a threat to national security; that is to say, if anybody in the Administration thinks that they might not like you, your financial accounts can be frozen and your assets seized.

Maybe the Democrats are intentionally limp-wristed in opposition to this development because they rather like the idea of Hillary having comparable powers some months from now. She could imprison these fascist poseurs and take their money to nationalize healthcare, for example.


Hairspray! Travolta in a dress!

Bush gets a colonoscopy. One commenter wrote that this story was just part of "the Friday news dump."


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Heller said...

Bush always looks so... content after having that big hoopajoo shoved up his butt for two hours. Everyone else I've ever known has looked horrible afterward, but the Pres is all smiles. It seems to agree with him.

The good news is that Dick didn't nuke anybody while Bush was in dreamland. Thank God for small favors.