Saturday, June 25, 2005

Destroy All Mesa Brake Shops, But Be Fair

The recent Supreme Court ruling regarding eminent domain would seem to have put an end to silly notions about private property. My understanding is that the ruling allows municipalities to take private property and render it to other private entities for whatever development, private or public, may be intended. This might be a signal for you to go out and buy as many city council members as you can afford. Others will certainly be doing so.

If the law says they can do it, then so be it. But municipalities must be fair in such dealings.

I am all for the new medical and nursing schools to be developed in downtown Phoenix. We need these, and the chosen area is precisely where these should be placed. It will do good things for the city. Like maybe it will encourage an actual nightlife to come to fruition downtown, as this is less than negligible now.

Once we were driving through downtown near the Arizona Center on a Saturday night and I saw just one person walking around, and I thought "gee, the movies must have just let out." It is truly creepy downtown after business hours. Where do all the people go?

Away. Far away.

Hopefully the campuses will provide impetus for the flowering little arts districts near the site. Imagine that: a city of millions of people that actually has medical schools, active arts districts, and a nightlife!? It could happen here. Oh yes it could.

But it would not be worth it if the city steals value from he current owners of the condemned properties in question. Lets be fair. After all, this is The Great Southwest. Let's act as if we are all that.

Yes, I will be contacting my city councilman to let him know how I feel this should go. These people would surely like to hear from concerned citizens like you, too.

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Tedski said...

This is where my brother gets frustrated. He says that these guys in the lege didn't give a rats ass about eminent domain until this Mesa Brake shop thing. He thinks that this may have something to do with the skin color of previous people who got in the way of "urban renewal."