Friday, June 24, 2005

A Taxi Driver NOT in Gitmo

A rash of graffiti has spread across the area: "We will be back." One taxi driver, a Shia who loathes the mostly Sunni Arab resistance, shrugged. "Yes. They will."

Because I work 12-hour shifts at the Great Muffin Factory Institute, some days I have little time for blogging. So, there will be many occasions when I am posting items a day or so behind the better bloggers. But when one is waiting for history to again repeat itself, timely blogging is not essential.

So it is with the Iraq version of the Tet Offensive from the Vietnam War days. Taken from The Guardian UK, the above quote is found in the center of a discussion about a recent attack by insurgents, referred to tellingly as "resistance," who perpetrated an act of violence so large and painstakingly planned that it brought the Tet incident to the mind of at least one military person there.

But the Iraq Tet has not yet happened.

Any idiot can see that this war is a laboratory for guerrilla fighters. Unfortunately, even lesser idiots, such as the people who got us into this war in the first place, will continue to deny that the worst is yet to come. History repeats. Our foolish leaders are bound to make it so.

Consider the dreadfulness of this, and note that Bush has refused to develop a timetable for withdrawal.

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