Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Feel the Love Explained

While I was driving to the muffin factory this morning, I caught a few minutes of Arizona's best morning drive-time A.M. radio host and he was chatting with that guy who wrote the very interesting letter-to-the-editor I mentioned yesterday.

Turns out the guy was kidding. But, the newspaper itself had edited his letter. He said his satirical position was much more evident as he had originally written it, but the Arizona Republic omitted some parts. Hence the confusion.

So let me get this straight... I remember when at the bottom of the Letters-to-the-Editor page there was small print that said something like "letters may be edited for length and clarity." Those days are gone. Gone like two Beatles. Apparently, now it is the policy of at least one newspaper that I know of to edit Letters-to-the-Editor for length and confusion.

I suppose it's really all for the best.

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