Friday, June 03, 2005


The taxpayers of Phoenix, as a random choice city, have contributed over $598 million dollars to the cost of the Iraq war.

Compare the whole bill for this military excursion to other costs; for instance, noting that such a sum would pay to provide healthcare coverage for about 104,000,000 children.

Well now, that's interesting. We could pay for medical coverage of every child in the United States, and then some. But there are other priorities, it seems.

Tell me again how awful it was during the Clinton administration.


Phoenix Woman said...

Actually, that's $599 million, not billion -- but it's still enough to run the city of Phoenix for a year.

The Other One said...

Wow! I had no idea we spent that much on Iraq. Billion or Million, that is a lot of money for a city to bear. God, this war is a disaster. We can only hope that when the Dems take over Congress in '06 we can impeach the bastard and throw him and his entire crime family out in the street, or better yet, in jail.