Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nuclear Nickels

I have been making informal wagers with my numerous aquaintances regarding the price of gasoline. My five-cent bet is that it will hit $5 per gallon, somewhere in the good ol' USA, before this Bush term is up.

It seems like I may have to add a side wager concerning The Big One: Bush is, after all, a "war president," and could he be thinking that his historical posture would be even further enhanced (ahem,) if he ordered the use of nuclear weapons?

What else could he do, after running our conventional armed forces into the ground? Well, he might just do what a lot of sick and dysfunctional untreated alcoholics do: Escalate.

"The Bush NPR (Nuclear Posture Review,) calls for the development of new, more "useable" nuclear weapons; for the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapon states; and for reducing the time required for the United States to resume nuclear weapons testing."

I am glad that people such as those in the Union of Concerned Scientists are looking into this, so that after Bush blows up half the world, I can go around saying "I told you so" and "you owe me a nickel" to those people on the losing end of my wager.

Bush has spent his entire life making things go from bad to worse. From failed businesses to failed governorship to a failing war. He is ill, and he will not recover health without treatment (which in his utter denial I'm sure he feels is completely unnecessary,) so we can expect worse.

We should expect the worst, until he is gone, or in a 12-Step program back in Texas.

Safer now? NO. Not safer now.

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