Monday, June 20, 2005

Dog Central

Once in a great while somebody does something the right way, even in a place like Phoenix. Though beaten down by politicians and their puppet-masters, the developers, there remain in this vast tile-roofed Beavis-and-Butthead wasteland a few spots that serve to remind us just why this city was built to begin with.

The Murphy Bridle Path is one such place. Here, the sidewalk gives way from concrete to dirt. There is shade. It's comfortable. The bustle of Central Avenue narrows to four lanes as it runs north through an older neighborhood. This passes for "quietude" in this cacaphonic city of endless suburbs. There are even examples, yes really, of decent-looking home architecture along the way.

At any given time of day you will see people there, unlike say, downtown Phoenix on a weeknight when there isn't a ball game. In fact, if ever you come to Phoenix, skip the ball game and take a walk along this stretch of history. I'll see you there. So will my dog.

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Dale Overhill said...

I'll definitely be checking this out. I couldn't agree more about downtown... I just drove through 50 towns with more character downtown than Phoenix currently has. It's unbelievable what _hasn't_ happened there.