Saturday, June 18, 2005

What Jack Said in That Movie

"Right wingers and their sycophants despise being confronted with the truth, which is understandable given that it reflects so negatively upon them."

David Podvin has more about this and about how Howard Dean's aggressive posture and language are a good thing, which you and I knew anyways.

I've always liked Dean. When I lived in "upstate" we saw him on the news all the time, because the cable carried Vermont stations, and as their governor I found him to be both fiscally sane and compassionate toward the people of his state.

Actually, he's rather "conservative" about money and this often put him at odds with the more progressive political elements in Vermont. (Dean himself has said this.)

I put conservative in quotes because Bush, inspired by Saint Ronnie, no doubt, has completely changed the meaning of the word. It used to imply fiscal soundness and only now it has come to mean complete and total fiscal derangement. But isn't that an example of the kind of petit truth that right wingers find so difficult to accept these days, the days of Bush?

Well duh.

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