Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ann Speaks For Them All

Let's face it.

Ann Coulter is a Republican neo-conservative spokeswoman. When she jokes about calling Democratic political candidates "faggots," she speaks for all Republicans, right on down from President Bush to the guy that sweeps up the church aisles after Jerry Falwell finishes blaming 9/11 terrorist acts on the exclusively American sexual practice of sodomy.

After her malignant comments to the members of the audience of the American Conservative Union Political Action Conference they all laughed in approval.

Video is a beautiful thing. It will be the downfall of neo-conservative Republicanism.

When Gore makes a video it wins an Oscar. When Bush is seen on video he adds new words to his dyslexicon.

Coulter speaks for Bush. Even if some of the more responsible mainstream media outlets feature a handful of political outliers who castigate Coulter (I want to just refer to her as "Cunter" from now on, for after all, it's just a mild playground taunt and not really an insulting general term,) for her awful remarks, her thoughts remain core aspects; policies, even, of the neo-conservative Republicans that serve in political posts throughout America.

Many of them are quite proud of her for this.

I repeat: she speaks for them all.

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